Earthquake – How To build your home

Earthquake , very common problem not only in India but all over the world. We have no idea in which time or where earthquake-779267_640earthquake came and destroyed all in few second. So it is very important when you buy your home then you have to ask that structure earthquake proof or not. Because it is save your life and we all know protection is better than …

It is big question  mark  on the safety of structures in the absence of a strong building code.Building is base of our life and we all know  that we are living in home and it is very dangerous when attacked of earthquakes.

It is very important all home build with good design so that save in earthquake. Now a days most of the builder or developer using latest tool for design best flats/apartments , they stand so many years. We all know where you stay that is not only a home for you that is some think special and we understand. we all know that we can not stop earthquake. It is a natural distort and you can not insurance your home with tram of this.  You are just take some median before any heath issue with you , it is like that.

In this time you can search property information online.According to my information all builder have done their home work before making flats or apartments. They check that land and their land type because building is based on that. It is very important is base have any lankness then your building have fall down any time. So any builder do not want this type of matter . So they build their building with fully strong and design their building model with expert they guide you how they design their home and which type of materiel   they can use . Where they can use iron road or any thigh else.