Residential Property

Now a days no body have so much time so go here and there and buy a property.  So most of the people have to do two major things. First went and meet a real estate broker or use real estate portal as like 99Acres ,Indiaproperty , Makaan, Commonfloor.

Before buy and sale your land your property please check that this is vaild property and that property you will buy is on sale authoer wiae you can not do any thing if goverment not apprved that land  and that property for sale. So before buy please check that you are right or not.

Punjab Urban Planning and Development Authority

Punjab Urban Planning and Development Authority

Why We used Real estate Portal ?

A man have no time for live his life so how he can find a home . This is very real question ? You can asked yourself you have time and you released that you have no time every body have too busy in his life and they want a perfect man who can help for this search his home and they are free from his tension.

Residential property In Zirakpur

Here you can see your all type of property but only residential :

Why we need more  Residential building or property ?

In India, own home is not like a buy a news paper. It is very hard task for a middle class family. And most of us we want to buy own home and lived there.

Per person Income- But when  we are taking about Punjab, it is one of the richest per person income in India and it is enough for this. We are believing in own , it is be a bike or home. And Punjab where man have full income so they want to new and new home. It is one of the most reason that here more residential building in demands.

Big Family:  In the culture of Punjab they  are in unity not only in society with there family too. If many people in family they need more residential home. And it is another reason for property in demand in this area.

This is very useful list of you. you can choose according to your need and show the all list in just one click .

For example i have a big family me with my wife, children and my parents . then i should go for 4 bhk or 3 bhk .

Avid cash transaction more than 20000

If you are giving more than 20 thousands cash to any one,then you are doing not valid transaction because Indian Income tax you can not pay or receive more than 20 thousands in any contention of business.


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